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Location: Los Gatos, California

Client: SummerHill Homes

Master Planned community of 253 new homes designed in conjunction with the adjacent mixed use/commercial development known as The Junction.

The outdoor spaces within the development are designed to be extensions of personal living space for communal gathering with a “farm to table” theme that acknowledges the fertile history of the region known as Valley of Hearts Delight.

Amenities include: Fruit orchards, garden plots, dining shed outdoor kitchen and communal dining tables, field shed for community farmers markets and other organized activities, multiple outdoor living rooms complete with fireplace/fire tables, lounge chairs, hammocks, benches and grass areas framed by rows of fruit and shade trees. Multi-use paths run through and around the project perimeter. Homes are outfitted with private patios and yards with permeable paving, and decorative fencing and gates.

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